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Motu Patlu - King Of Kings 1080p Hd Hindi Full Movie reoann




They finish him off and return the circus back to their city. But the city is in a mess because Narsimha's evil friends have thrown a bomb at it and destroyed all their means of transport. This is where Jayanti comes into the picture. Jayanti who is a beautiful lioness, wants to save her city and help Guddu and Motu return to the jungle to find their home. So the three of them are joined by Guddu's owner Manik, to find a way to leave the city. Jayanti, Motu and Guddu all get together and decide to find a tunnel out of the city, to leave the city and go back to the jungle. But how will they cross the city? Plot Summary :- After a fight between Guddu and the naughty Narsimha, Guddu and Patlu manage to bring Narsimha back to the circus so that Manik can meet him. Soon Guddu goes missing and so does the circus and Jayanti, Motu and Guddu go on a quest to find the missing Guddu. When they find him, Jayanti convinces Guddu to return to the circus. At the circus Manik (Krishna), who was helped by Guddu before, performs a stunt which baffles the audience and finally everyone goes home. Jayanti and Guddu also return to the jungle where they find out that it's full of poachers and the jungle is being used for commercial purposes. Guddu and Motu return to the circus where Manik finds out that he is now wealthy and he has become a celebrity and is being courted by the city's richest girl. Manik breaks up with his love interest because she asked for a huge dowry. After getting the dowry, Manik and his friends (Jayanti, Guddu and Motu) arrive at the jungle where they find that it's been destroyed and that there is no escape. Manik decides to commit suicide but is then saved by Motu. Motu and Guddu have to solve the mystery behind the missing animals and also save Manik from the clutches of the poachers who are now aware that Manik is rich. Cast Kannada: Krishna as Manik Kannada: V. Ravichandran as Guddu Achyuth Kumar as Patlu Prashant Kumar as Narsimha




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Motu Patlu - King Of Kings 1080p Hd Hindi Full Movie reoann
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